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Client Testimonials

A few years ago I was searching for someone that could give me a cut and color that gave me a look I was comfortable with. I came across David working at his former Market Street location and walked in and asked for a cut. I knew from that minute that I would be coming back to David as long as I could. Every time I walk out of an appointment with him I feel great and always get great compliments from friends, family and co-workers. Image and style are important in my business and David has always helped to create a great one for me. We've done everything from bleach blonde to purple and lots in between. David is as good with color as he is with the scissors. I'm also always impressed that he attends all these workshops to keep creating new styles and techniques. Once you let him do your hair, you won't want to go anywhere else.
-Marc Dickow

Thank YOU, David. You are talented, generous and kind. And I would love to have you as my stylist. I love my hair, and I've had compliments on the cut and the color. I love it -- I'm really enjoying being a redhead. I love this picture and the vividness of the color!! Thanks again!!

The outcome of David's meticulous wrapping job coupled with following manufacturer's instructions to the letter--quite possibly the most natural-looking healthy curls ever. By far the best perm I have ever seen.

WOW! David,
Just got home and I feel light, breezy and like a kid with my airy new fabulous hair coif thanks to your genius styling. I loved seeing you and being around your big-hearted, calm presence. You are my only stylist from now on.


He is the ONLY person I allow to touch my hair. I simply say, "David honey, this is what I'm thinking...." and then I let him work his magic.
He is artistic, and so talented. Possibly the best colorist I've ever had work on my head. As I said, he is the only one I've let touch my hair for years now.


David is the most wonderful hair stylist/consultant I've had. He is talented, patient and personable. He always follows my directions and my lead. I completely relax and let him work out any problems I'm having with my difficult thin hair. NO ATTITUDE!!

A good reason to go to Gino for Hair is to make an appointment with David (who used to have a salon in the Castro). I took my 8-year-old there to have David measure her for a wig (he volunteers for the nonprofit Wigs for Kids). Well there was no gain in it for David, but he treated my daughter as if she was the client he had been waiting his whole career for. This was especially kind because my daughter had just gone through several surgeries, radiation and was getting started with chemo. I think she enjoyed the special attention.
After our appointment David sent us a card and let us know he'd be remembering us in his prayers (how kind is that!). I know that David is a top-notch colorist and stylist, but he gets my vote for being a special human being, too.
When you have someone working in your face, it's nice to know they're kind and sensitive as well as excellent at their craft.


David, I love the pictures you put on your web page for "Wigs for Kids". I already need another hair cut, but Iím afraid to let anyone else cut it because you did such a great job. It has already grown out 2 inches. Everyone loves my new hair style. It was great working with you and so much fun to meet you. Good luck with your business.

He got it, he really got it! FINALLY, a hairdresser who understands that my hair does something completely different on one side of my head than the other, and knows what to do about it - creating a cut that holds a shape and style for a while. I think that's the benefit of often brushing up your skills at Vidal Sassoon, which David does. His application of color is excellent also. So glad to have found him, and a trip to West Portal, aka "the land that time forgot" is so relaxin'. 5 stars!!!!